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Atos is a well established company since 1992, a name you can relay on, specialize in wide range of industrial Vacuum & Cleaning Equipment.With our profession, we are specially entrusted with a full range of Critical filter Vacuum, H.E.P.A. / U.L.P.A. Vacuum, Asbestos vacuum, Air Vacuum etc. to accommodate the needs of special industrial.You can relay on our quality and durable equipment as well as our skilled, experience and trustworthy technical back up and spare parts.Our aims is to provide the most suitable equipment & quality service to our clients

Good organization constantly has to become innovative to survive in today’s business atmosphere. We concentrate on supplying innovative vacuum solutions to customers. When reviewing a customer’s application, we focus on the top solution for their application as opposed to focusing on attempting to sell a given item to that client. If we don’t have the proper product, we will let them know. We have focused on educating the sales engineers along with the buyers on application and item knowledge. Education is the crucial to supplying innovative customized solutions for our clients.

A lot of the systems that we style and manufacture demand a level of innovation. Atos is industrial Vacuum Cleaner Company, heavily invested in application and services. Customer satisfaction is incredibly high when we are in a position to tailor a remedy for them, instead of offer them a regular industrial vacuum cleaner equipment.