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At Atos Performance, we lead the market in providing top-notch industrial vacuum cleaners. Specializing in solutions for various sectors including hospitality, institutional, industrial, and healthcare markets, we offer a wide range of vacuum cleaners tailored to meet all your industrial cleaning needs. Moreover, our commitment to quality and performance ensures that you get the most efficient and reliable equipment for your operations.

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Our Premium Brands


Minuteman provides a comprehensive range of heavy-duty vacuum cleaners built to withstand the toughest cleaning tasks. Focusing on safety and user-friendly features, Minuteman vacuums maintain high standards of cleanliness in industrial environments. Their robust design and superior performance ensure that you complete every cleaning job effortlessly.


Soteco, a name synonymous with innovation, brings you high-performance vacuum cleaners designed for durability and efficiency. Each Soteco vacuum cleaner boasts advanced filtration systems and powerful suction, making it the perfect choice for both wet and dry applications.


Fasa is known for its exceptional quality and cutting-edge technology in the vacuum cleaning industry. Delivering impressive suction power and durability, Fasa vacuum cleaners are a reliable choice for industrial cleaning. Whether dealing with large debris or fine dust, Fasa vacuums handle it all with ease.

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Atos Performance stands out with its extensive product range and exceptional customer service. We understand the critical role that reliable cleaning equipment plays in your business operations. Therefore, our products combine power, efficiency, and ease of use. Furthermore, from powerful airflow to user-pleasant designs, our industrial vacuum cleaners deliver unrivaled overall performance.

Lastly, explore our selection of top-tier vacuum cleaners and discover the perfect solution for your industrial cleaning vacuum needs. Additionally, join the ranks of satisfied customers who trust Atos Performance for their cleaning equipment. So, visit us today and experience the difference quality makes!

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Essential Ideas While Choosing Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Compare the actual airflow associated with each of your prospective heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners. The actual flow of air is actually assessed inside cubic toes for each minute. Possess a have a look at the actual pump’s pressure per square inch score with regard to wet, dry, or even special application industrial vacuum cleaner.

Compare the form part of every single industrial vacuum cleaner and make sure that it can be easy to control. Look into the location within the handles, changes, and all sorts of attachment plug-ins, and examine the craftsmanship of the gear.

Subsequently, additionally, you have to examine the actual dumbbells with the industrial vacuum cleaner. Weight plays a vital component in deciding on industrial floor cleaners compared to household designs. Additionally looking for certain abilities like self-propulsion, particularly when dealing with the weight of the industrial vacuum cleaner may be a great aspect.

If you’re asking about programmed features, make sure to examine the specs associated with every single industrial vacuum meticulously. Ensure the industrial vacuum cleaner offers adequate suck for every single job to carry out even special applications industrial vacuum cleaner

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